I went grocery shopping

Sometimes, when I want to throw up a post with minimal effort, I make fun of foreign snack food.  Since I just went to the not-terribly-local Korean market yesterday and BOUGHT a bunch of foreign snack food, it seemed like a good time for that.

Starting with “I’m not sure how I’m supposed to pronounce this, but I’m pretty sure I have it wrong”:


And some protein bars that I didn’t even need to eat to be energized, because damn if this isn’t some inspirational packaging:

that's great

…and some chips that I’m probably going to regret…

lala tempura

…and some MORE chips that I’m probably going to regret, but damn it, a man needs his meow meow chips sometimes…


…and nothing says “cheese” flavored “corn” “food” like a product named “Chiz Curls”…


…but it’s cool, they’re totes healthy and have a stamp to prove it…


…and some wasabi flavored crackers that actually look pretty good…

potato crispy

…and Sando Biscuit, which I’ve had before and which actually ARE good…


…and possibly the most terrifying fusion of western fast meals and Japanese instant noodles I’ve ever seen…

yakisoba n cheese

…seriously, Yakisoba ‘n Cheese.  I’m going to regret this one, because instant yakisoba is already one of the greasiest, nastiest things you can subject your stomach to, and adding “cheese” “flavor” is just, well, it’s making my insides churn just thinking of it.  I must proceed! For Science!

…and finally, I did NOT buy…



Next up, I eat some of these.  This may be my last post.  If you don’t hear from me again, tell my family I died doing what I loved.


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