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Call of Damsels: Waifu Wars II

Sorry, wrong header. OK, that’s better. Valkyria Chronicles is a really good object lesson in why I shouldn’t pay full price for games before I’m actually in the mood to play them.  My sole justification is that I got conditioned, … Continue reading

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I have kitty cat paw print analog stick covers on my Vitas.

Just look at these things.  They’re glorious.   Also, considering how slippery the Vita’s analog sticks are, they’re way more practical than they have any right to be.  I wish I’d gotten these a few years back. Low effort post … Continue reading

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Is it still OK to save princesses?

I have a weird relationship with most of Nintendo’s big franchises.  I started gaming in arcades in the late 70s, bought my first home computer in 1982 or so, and completely failed to notice that there WAS an industry crash … Continue reading

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2017 is turning out to be a heck of a year

After playing “Horizon Zero Dawn” back in March, I figured that I had my personal GOTY slot locked down. Then, I finally got around to playing Nier: Automata, and now it’s a little less certain. I’ve never played a Yoko … Continue reading

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Pink Wolf

Pink wolf. PINK WOLF PINK WOOOOOLLLLLLLLF PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNK  WOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLF Pink wolf. OK, that was worth a couple of nights of playing Kritika Online.  

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In which, I weep for my bank account

So, another September, another iPhone reveal.  This year, both an iPhone 8/8+ and an iPhone Executive Edition, neither of which I will buy as my 6s+ is still a ridiculously good phone. Also a new Apple Watch which is slightly … Continue reading

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The End (of 32-bit apps) is Nigh

Next week’s iPhone presentation is going to be an interesting one.  Apple has never been shy to ditch features (the 30-pin connector, the headphone jack), but it’s known that iOS 11 is going to mean dropping support for 32-bit iOS … Continue reading

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