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The End (of 32-bit apps) is Nigh

Next week’s iPhone presentation is going to be an interesting one.  Apple has never been shy to ditch features (the 30-pin connector, the headphone jack), but it’s known that iOS 11 is going to mean dropping support for 32-bit iOS … Continue reading

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Drama for Language Geeks

I’ve never been a real fan of Japanese live action drama series. I watched the Great Teacher Onizuka TV series some years back, after seeing the movie, and I keep meaning to get around to Winter Sonata – yes, I … Continue reading

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I needed to know this years ago.

Most computers handle Japanese character input pretty well these days. That is to say, both Windows (since Windows XP) and Mac OS/X (since I dunno when) come with an IME built in and a set of Japanese fonts. It’s a … Continue reading

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Calligraphy Lesson

It may or may not be obvious, but I’m a bit of an attention whore. I loves me an audience. This will become apparent. We had calligraphy class after our normal lessons today. Obviously, with only an hour to do … Continue reading

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I watch bad movies (So you don’t have to)

Well, I’m about one truckload away from being completely moved to the town where I’ll be spending the next two years, and after a bit over a week with no internet connection I’m back on line.  Life is good. I … Continue reading

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Tonkatsu: Lessons learned

I threw caution to the wind and tried my hand at tonkatsu making tonight, and learned many valuable things, which I will now pass along: First: Cooking oil has a temperature called the “smoke point.” This is not just a … Continue reading

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I’m not encouraged to cook.

It’s not that I’m not allowed, it’s just that whenever I get ambitious, I get reminded about a particularly disastrous incident from about a decade ago. I get a relative pass on stuff like pasta and baking-from-mix; it’s understood that … Continue reading

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