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Dead or Alive DLC is needlessly complicated

Though I don’t often write about it, the Dead or Alive series of fighting games remains my favorite beat-em-up and Barbie-simulator series – and, given that I am rubbish at the actual fighting part of the game, the part where … Continue reading

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It’s 2017, and I’m finally done with PS2 games.

The PS2 came out at possibly the worst possible time.  I was deep in the throes of an Everquest habit, and it followed up the PS1, a system where niche Japanese games tended to get incredibly small print runs and … Continue reading

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TERA, the Olive Bandit Mask, and me.

I’ve been comfortably MMO-free most of the year, and it’s been a good thing.  It’s not that I’m being particularly productive or, you know, DOING anything with my life, but at least I’m playing a lot of games that have … Continue reading

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In which, I sink into new depravities.

There’s a fairly straightforward correlation between your interest in another culture and the degree to which your native culture starts thinking of you as a little weird. Taking Japan as the example here, it’s not too weird to go out … Continue reading

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Moenai Gomi

When I wrapped up Suchie-Pai IV, I thought I might be out of mahjong games, but it turns out that I still have at least two PSP games. Today’s post is about the one I decided to start with: Moeru … Continue reading

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Criminal Girls

I thought I was playing a goofy, pervy dungeon crawler.  I wasn’t expecting a treatise on morality and societal expectations. … Let’s start over. Criminal Girls is a game that probably would have slipped completely under the radar in Western … Continue reading

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