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It’s 2017, and I’m finally done with UMDs.

I’d like to say “Done with PSP games”, but I still have four PSP games in the backlog.  They’re all PSN download versions, though, so I get to pack away both my Ceramic White PSP-1000 and my Lilac PSP-3000 and … Continue reading

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In which, I sink into new depravities.

There’s a fairly straightforward correlation between your interest in another culture and the degree to which your native culture starts thinking of you as a little weird. Taking Japan as the example here, it’s not too weird to go out … Continue reading

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Moenai Gomi

When I wrapped up Suchie-Pai IV, I thought I might be out of mahjong games, but it turns out that I still have at least two PSP games. Today’s post is about the one I decided to start with: Moeru … Continue reading

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Criminal Girls

I thought I was playing a goofy, pervy dungeon crawler.  I wasn’t expecting a treatise on morality and societal expectations. … Let’s start over. Criminal Girls is a game that probably would have slipped completely under the radar in Western … Continue reading

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Winter Wrap-Up

In the last couple of weeks of 2015, I burned through a good dozen games, neglecting my usual habit of writing a couple of paragraphs about each as I went. I figured I should catch up on that: Silent Hill: … Continue reading

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The Little Cute-Em-Up That Couldn’t

After Gal*Gun, I thought I’d try another game from the same developer, so I booted up “Soreyuke! Burunyanman Portable,” a game with a somewhat confused pedigree.  It’s an all-ages PSP version of a PC spin-off of a mini-game from an … Continue reading

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False Idols

After knocking the K-On! rhythm game out of the backlog last week, I went back to the PSP shelf, picked up Megpoid The Music#, booted it for long enough to do the data install, and stuck it in my bag … Continue reading

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Sakuragaoka Girl’s High School Musical

I watched the first season of K-On! a few years back, and it really didn’t make much of an impression.  I finished it, so I probably liked it, but it was really just kind of a moe-by-numbers show, designed to … Continue reading

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Densha de GET

My first exposure to Proper Public Transportation came back in December of 2005, when I went to Tokyo for the first time and met the Yamanote, the loop line that – if you have an hour to spare – will … Continue reading

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I have a new shiny thing

So, like I mentioned the other night, I’ve been playing a Vita RPG called Demon Gaze.  I have a portion of our house that I’ve set aside as a gaming station, so it has a nice comfy chair from Ikea, … Continue reading

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