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Sony’s marketing department is on point.

I finished Nioh a few days ago, and had been meaning to do a quick postmortem post about it, but one thing and another came up. Then I got another of Sony’s little “congratulations!” emails, which they send out occasionally.  … Continue reading

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Nico Nico Nioh

2018 has been a very calm year so far. I went more than a little nuts trying to finish ALL THE GAMES in 2017 – and, while I’m quite happy that I was able to get through a hundred and … Continue reading

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2017 was great, and I wanted to gush a bit.

I don’t usually do a “Favorite Games of the Year” post, because there really haven’t been a lot of years where I’ve played games that actually came out that year. Usually I get around to titles after they’ve been priced … Continue reading

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New Year’s Gaming Plans

So, I had a “my favorite games of 2017” post all written, and then I just had to go and start playing Nioh, which is basically Ninja Gaiden meets Dark Souls and is probably going to mean that I need … Continue reading

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Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

I’ve never been a huge fan of expansion packs, something that I’m going to blame partially on buying too many games and feeling just a little crushed under the resultant backlog. With three or four hundred games sitting on the … Continue reading

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Gravity Rush 2: What the heck.

I absolutely loved the original Gravity Rush, enough to buy it a second time when it got a remastered edition on the PS4 and enough that it’s one of my very few platinum trophies.  It has a winning combination: an … Continue reading

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Blue Reflection: In which, I manage to play a game wrong.

After Peach Beach Splash, I needed something with a little less bounce, and that brings me to Blue Reflection. Coincidentally, both games were released on the same day, but (apart from a general theme of “cute girls doing cute things”) … Continue reading

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