I’m actually running out of backlog


Technically I have so many games on Steam and various console platforms that I could probably play the ones I have until such time as I die or finally grow up.  Let’s just admit that.  When I say that I’m “running out of backlog”, that’s because there are a ton of games that WERE on the backlog that I have admitted that I’m never actually going to finish.  Most of them were bought during Steam sales or when heavily discounted on PSN, at least, so I have a little less guilt.

ToHeart2 was one of the longest-lasting bits of guilt on the backlog, and I was happy to finally get around to it the other week.  I didn’t feel like a single runthrough was enough, so I went back to it for long enough to play through one more story route, mostly because Manaka is adorable.

Loves books.  Hopelessly responsible. Makes tea and snacks. Lacks glasses.  Nobody’s perfect.

I also spent several hours today going back to Blue Reflection, an amazingly girly Gust JRPG that I originally finished in December 2017.  At the time, I carefully kept a save file from the last moment before the Point of No Return, with the intention of coming back to the game and wrapping up all of the side stories needed to get the platinum trophy.

So… it took me 2 and a half years.  Nobody’s perfect.  That’s my phrase of the day.  Nobody’s perfect.

With those two out of the way, I’ve started digging in to Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey.  I’m about two hours in and I can already tell that this is one of those games where you can just lose yourself for days at a time.  Origins was damned good, and thus far Odyssey is everything I liked about Origins but with less sand.  Ancient Greece is colorful and gorgeous and filled with all of the BEST “hey, we know you’re on the main quest line, but did you notice this bandit cave over here?” distractions.

I’m not sure whether it can top the main character of AC: Origins though.  Bayek was pretty cool.  Kassandra isn’t bad though.

But not, let me be clear, perfect.

Because nobody’s perfect.

I’m down to under 20 entries in the List of Shame.  Most of them are pretty beefy games, though.  Maybe I’ll get through them this year?  Maybe in 2021?

We’ll see.

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