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So I did some more FFXIV PvP.

Lest you be in any suspense as to the results of my dalliance with beating up the other human players that populate Eorzea, I have not gotten any better.  I appear to possess negative PvP skill, and there is a … Continue reading

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I should know better.

If you look through any few months of posts on this blog, you may notice a common theme – I feel a little buried by the amount of stuff I own and would like to have less stuff.  I have … Continue reading

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In which, I explore the PVP options in Final Fantasy 14.

In the past, I’ve mentioned that I play a lot of different MMOs but rarely dive into the PvP side of things.  PvP is one of those things that rewards skill and commitment and… well, I generally don’t have a … Continue reading

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Nier, far, whereeeeeeeever you are, don’t you know that my hearth will go on?

After a few weeks of not logging into any MMOs, I’m back on the Final Fantasy XIV train.  I took a break when I realized that all I was doing was logging in to grind out some currency that I … Continue reading

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In which, one thing leads to another and I buy clothing.

A few days – maybe a couple of weeks ago – my twitter timeline basically exploded with Japanese Red Cross blood-drive posters.  Apparently, some genius at that organization decided that (a) nerds have blood, (b) the Red Cross would like … Continue reading

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An extremely specific rant on the annoyances of buying anime on macOS Catalina.

I buy a fair amount of media off the video section of the iTunes Music Store (hereafter iTMS).  It tends to be cheaper than buying blu-rays, and all I am going to do with a blu-ray is immediately redeem the … Continue reading

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On the topic of trashy anime

Let me be up front about something: I love objectively-terrible harem anime.  If you put me in front of a show and the first five minutes of the first episode are spent establishing that it is going to be the … Continue reading

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