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OK, I finished Ori and the Blind Forest. Then I finished the sequel.

Final stats: 77% completion, 9:45:15 played, 478 deaths.  That’s one death every 73 seconds, which means that I started dying even faster towards the end. I put off playing Ori for a long time, because it had a reputation for … Continue reading

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Oh, Pies

No video game post today.  I have been playing “Ori and the Blind Forest”.  I am not good at platform games, which is something I’ve mentioned here quite often, so I really should not be playing a platform game that … Continue reading

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Man Bites Troll

Well, the dreaded Wu-Han Flu Clan has been spotted in our neck of the woods and we are all being encouraged to, I think the term is, “socially isolate” which appears to be a code phrase for working from home … Continue reading

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13 Years Blog

Remembered an anniversary post this year for a change. So.  Thirteen years of mostly talking about how bad I am at video games and occasionally flying to Japan and making fun of signs.  I still get a few readers every … Continue reading

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Nintendo has come a long way

Got a reminder in my inbox earlier this week that “Prison Princess” was now available on the Switch, and I’m just tickled to see a mildly-pervy game spotlighted under a huge Mario header. I don’t know much about this particular … Continue reading

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I am not going to be the very best, like no one ever was

I’m about three hours into Pokémon Black “Version 2” and have passed the first gym. It was a god-damned virtual bloodbath.  I’m not good at this.  On the other hand, the stuff I am fighting now that I am past … Continue reading

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Once more, unto the tall grass

I don’t have a ton of history with the Pokémon franchise, but there is just so damn much fan art based on it that it’s hard to avoid tripping across it here and there – and once you’ve seen the … Continue reading

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