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Lore-abiding citizen

It’s been about a month since I posted about WoW’s latest expansion, Dragonflight, and at the time I was pretty positive about the whole thing.  I’m actually still quite positive about it!  It’s a little less metaphysical than the Shadowlands … Continue reading

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In which I shoot myself in the foot, and then fix it with a shell script.

I don’t make a secret out of my long-running MMO habit, at least on this blog.  I tend not to mention it in polite circles, because an MMO habit is one step above admitting that you are a heroin enthusiast, … Continue reading

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World of Warcraft: How to Main Your Dragon

So, the latest World of Warcraft expansion came out a couple of weeks ago, right when I was supposed to be studying for the JLPT. So I didn’t get very far into it until after the test. Now that I … Continue reading

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It’s like poetry, it rhymes. A dose of online nostalgia.

So it’s been an exciting week on the Internet. Twitter found out that saying “yeah, so whacha gonna DO about it?” to the world’s richest man might not have been the greatest plan, and the site has been experiencing some … Continue reading

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I’ve assembled something!

I bought this Lego Y-Wing shortly after seeing Star Wars : Episode IX : Skywalker-palooza in the theaters, in December of 2019.  It has been sitting in its box ever since, slowly collecting a fine layer of dust and taunting … Continue reading

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I’m FINALLY caught up to Genshin Impact

My recent Game of Choice has been Genshin Impact, which is a huge rabbit hole to fall into. It may be the most dangerous game I’ve played, barring actual MMOs like WoW or the original Everquest, and I’m not just … Continue reading

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I did some woodworking

I recently discovered the joys of buying refurbished micro-format PCs, specifically a couple of HP EliteDesk 800 G3s. They’re basically the size of a Mac mini, easily able to run server versions of Windows (I’m using Server 2019 on both) … Continue reading

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All’s Well That (Endwalkers) Well?

Finished up FFXIV’s Endwalker expansion today – just the main story, mind you, I haven’t gone in to any of the post-launch content or done any of the optional stuff like raiding. I’m not really feeling any great need to … Continue reading

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Grinds, silly:

I am no stranger to games that encourage, or actively require grinding. I played Everquest for several years, and I can vividly remember spending hours at a time starting at an empty spot on my screen that would, every six … Continue reading

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In which, I finally make some use of my “smart” TV.

So, a couple of nights ago my wife and I sat down and watched “Luck”, which is an Apple TV+ exclusive animated movie that had a funny enough trailer to actually get me to subscribe to Apple TV+. I have … Continue reading

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