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Baud Attitude’s Games of the Decade, Part 1

2019 is nearly over, and though I’m pretty sure the actual last year of the decade isn’t until NEXT year, that sort of pedantry won’t make me any friends at parties. If I were ever invited to parties. So, what … Continue reading

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How’s that again?

I’ve been playing Love Live! School Idol Project for a couple of years now.  It’s pretty much the only mobile game I play, and honestly I don’t really PLAY it that often.  I open it most days to get the … Continue reading

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In which, I review Star Wars: Episode IX: There’s Something About Skywalkers

Went to see the new Star Wars movie this afternoon.  Managed to misread the time on my ticket by an hour, which gave me plenty of time to wander around the local mall and reflect on how SIMPLY HAVING A … Continue reading

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His Name Was Cros Treewind

  Way back in the Everquest days, I had a particular dislike of an NPC named Cros Treewind.  Cros was a high level druid, and he really really liked bears and wolves, and he roamed one of the Everquest newbie … Continue reading

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Yup, I’m playing Overwatch.  It’s the winter event and there’s a new Mercy skin to be had.  Don’t have it yet, so no picture. There was a Mercy skin in an event less than a month ago, too, and I … Continue reading

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So I did some more FFXIV PvP.

Lest you be in any suspense as to the results of my dalliance with beating up the other human players that populate Eorzea, I have not gotten any better.  I appear to possess negative PvP skill, and there is a … Continue reading

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I should know better.

If you look through any few months of posts on this blog, you may notice a common theme – I feel a little buried by the amount of stuff I own and would like to have less stuff.  I have … Continue reading

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