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Assassin’s Creed III Remastered: A Second Chance to Make a Good Impression.

So, some open spoilers in this post, hopefully people will not be too upset as I’m talking about a game from 2012. I originally played Assassin’s Creed III over the course of a weekend, shortly after release, skipping all of … Continue reading

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The Dark Souls of relaxing games

Played through Dark Souls again, which makes a sixth playthrough.  With the possible exception of the original Genesis/MegaDrive version of Sonic the Hedgehog, I think it’s the game that I have finished the most times. Previously, I’ve played the original … Continue reading

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I finished “Love Live: School Idol Festival” and survived

To get things out of the way:  Love Live: School Idol Festival is a free-to-play rhythm game with Gacha elements where you can tap your way through many cheery songs from the Love Live! and Love Live! Sunshine!! franchise, while … Continue reading

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I am weak to cute things

I did not need a second Switch. Technically, yes, I had a launch model that was hackable and I had no intentions of ever actually hacking it and so I can probably sell it for a decent sum, and even … Continue reading

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Birthday Party, Cheesecake, Jelly Bean, Boom

Social distancing continues.  From scrolling through social media, some of my friends and extended family are handling it better than others. From the perspective of a Gen-Xer, however, it really hasn’t been that weird.  We grew up convinced that we … Continue reading

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A few years back, with some long plane flights looming, I decided to dip a toe into the murky waters of the Pokémon franchise, and bought Pokémon Moon. I thought it was pretty fun, though the main “go beat up … Continue reading

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OK, I finished Ori and the Blind Forest. Then I finished the sequel.

Final stats: 77% completion, 9:45:15 played, 478 deaths.  That’s one death every 73 seconds, which means that I started dying even faster towards the end. I put off playing Ori for a long time, because it had a reputation for … Continue reading

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Oh, Pies

No video game post today.  I have been playing “Ori and the Blind Forest”.  I am not good at platform games, which is something I’ve mentioned here quite often, so I really should not be playing a platform game that … Continue reading

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Man Bites Troll

Well, the dreaded Wu-Han Flu Clan has been spotted in our neck of the woods and we are all being encouraged to, I think the term is, “socially isolate” which appears to be a code phrase for working from home … Continue reading

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13 Years Blog

Remembered an anniversary post this year for a change. So.  Thirteen years of mostly talking about how bad I am at video games and occasionally flying to Japan and making fun of signs.  I still get a few readers every … Continue reading

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