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The Baud Attitude GOTY 2018, and some other stuff.

So um I only really finished one major 2018 release, and it was Far Cry 5.  Let’s hear it for the unanimous game of the year winner! Woooooo fictional Montana crazy cult killing simulator! Honorable mentions: Dark Souls Remastered (PS4) … Continue reading

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I’m ready for Nico-Nico-Nioh-Ni

Coming up on the end of the year here, and I’m ending 2018 in the exact way I ended 2017 – playing Koei Tecmo’s Nioh.  I bought the expansions in, oh, March or so and I had been putting off … Continue reading

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On the topic of toothpicks

There’s a bit in “So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish” where the main character is asked to reflect upon a society that feels the need to include instructions in a box of toothpicks.  Nowadays we have actually regressed … Continue reading

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Old Soldiers Never Die…

No posts in a while.  Should say something. My first tech job was working for a sound card manufacturer, and we bundled several… you’d call them codecs now, but we didn’t use that term back then.  Little shim programs that … Continue reading

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On Resurrections

I’ve spent the last thirty years or so working in what I’ll vaguely define as the “tech industry”, which has included jobs doing everything from grunt-level helpdesk work to being a build engineer and some light development work.  It’s not … Continue reading

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This is all Ian Fleming’s fault.

I was not a particularly good student in my High School days.  To be quite honest, I developed a bad habit of not actually attending classes.  Our school district had an automated system which would call the houses of truant … Continue reading

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Try Holding With Both Hands: Dark Souls on the Switch

Back in September, I decided to play the PS3 version of Dark Souls, since I’d never played the console versions and kind of wanted to see just how bad Blighttown really was. It’s bad.  Woo boy is it ever.  I … Continue reading

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