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Wait, how’s that again?

I swear, I ought to just add a “Montowers” category for my blog posts. Here’s one of the stranger creatures.  Say what you will about some of the less appealing aspects of the game, you can’t fault them for not … Continue reading

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A little more on Montowers

I’ve been really enjoying Montowers, the game I mentioned last week, despite some minor frustrations.  The monsters I’m taming and summoning are starting to take over 2 hours to summon, now, and I’m having to do a lot more resource … Continue reading

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I gather that I’m supposed to catch all of these.

I wasn’t really part of the Pokemon generation.  When the show started airing in Japan, I was living in Los Angeles which was home to several Japanese video stores, so I saw the first six or so episodes, bought some … Continue reading

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Mind the iGAP

A few years ago, upon the disturbing realization that I’d hand-imported a PSP from Japan just so I could have it in white, then bought a bunch of games for it that I hadn’t really played, I embarked upon what … Continue reading

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Done Defending

I finished Fantasy Defense tonight, marking the first time that I’ve played a “serious” iOS game to completion, and I’m starting to see what the doomsayers are talking about when they question the future of dedicated gaming handhelds.  I spent … Continue reading

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In which, I play a questionable iPad game.

Several months ago, when the iPad 2 was released, I inherited my wife’s old iPad 1. This is a pretty normal way for me to get hardware, by the way, through the hand-me-down process.  It’s a beautiful thing. Anyway, I … Continue reading

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Bang for the buck.

I think I’ll be moving Blades of Time off of my active play stack and in to the category of games I boot up when there’s a Steam sale and a related spike in population.  I’ve had a ton of … Continue reading

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