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It’s been nearly sixteen years since the last time I tried playing any games in the “Diablo” series, and my attempt back in 2007 to get into the first game ended pretty abruptly.  I couldn’t get on with the controls … Continue reading

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OK. macOS Live Text is pretty mental.

So, recently I have been trying to “cloudify” pretty much everything I can.  The idea is that the computer hardware I’m using is secondary to the data present, and I should be able to go to any device I own … Continue reading

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In which, I am stalked by a gadget.

I recently realized I had a number of devices that supported WiFi 6, and did not have a WiFi 6 access point. Naturally, THIS COULD NOT STAND. I bought this: It’s a UniFi Access Point U6 LR,  and it’s obviously … Continue reading

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I’ve escaped gacha idol hell.

OK. It’s inaccurate to say I’ve “escaped” gacha idol hell, because I didn’t really escape it. After 9 years of service, the plug got pulled on Love Live: School Idol Festival, sending all of my hard-earned idol .pngs to a … Continue reading

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