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In which I buy “Limited Edition” Pop-Tarts

I really should not be allowed to go to the grocery store unattended and late at night, because it seems that my willpower is low and I can be tempted by the strangest of foods. For the record, they taste … Continue reading

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Mahjong, Ponies, Stealth, and Shooting Mans

So, I’d planned to finish Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil last week, which would have been the last non-spin-off entry in the series for me. Sadly, it turns out that I am not very good at the sort of traditional platforming … Continue reading

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Jeux D’un Certain Âge

I’m not ever going to claim to be particularly athletic, but today was quite possibly the most immobile I’ve been in some while.  I split it between watching TV with my wife and playing through Saturn games that are old … Continue reading

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Using an iPhone as a USB hotspot on Linux

Another incredibly boring post title solely for the purposes of making this easy to find in search engines. Please excuse.  So, last night, I was digging through the Steam library for a short game to play, and Thomas Was Alone … Continue reading

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Wonderswan and on and on…

I’m not a huge fan of the mascot platformer genre, and I say that even though the game that made me put aside my home-computer-gaming ways and buy a console back in the late 80s was the original Sonic the … Continue reading

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Requiem for a Dreamcast

Although I was silly enough to buy an imported Dreamcast five months before the system came out in the US, it was just a few months later that a friend introduced me to Everquest, which rapidly consumed all of my … Continue reading

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How to skip cutscenes in Shenmue II:

No clever title today, rather one deliberately chosen to make this page easier to find on search engines. Shenmue 2 nearly broke me tonight.  I’m closing in on the end of the game, I’m pretty sure, but  getting this far … Continue reading

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A Sequel Post On The Youthful Rejection Of Gender Stereotypes

So, last April I posted this thing in which I posited that playing Ms. Pac-Man as a very small boy had gotten me used to playing as female characters in video games and hah wasn’t that enlightened for a young … Continue reading

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How About A Game Of Lucky Hit?

So, it’s been roughly ten years since I played the first Shenmue, and I understand they’re actually planning to make a third one.  In addition, Shenmue II is the last Dreamcast game sitting in my backlog after I came to … Continue reading

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In Which I Learn New Tricks

So, I offered a favor to a user of a message board I frequent, and it turned out to be a fantastic learning experience. As always, it started with arrogance. They were wanting a video file converted.  Basically, they wanted … Continue reading

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