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Editing Audio and Subtitle Tracks in .mkv Files with ffmpeg

I have been trying to consolidate a bunch of servers recently, and one of the ones that I am looking to sunset is a box that has been used as a BD ripping and media encoding box.  The reason it … Continue reading

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The Power of the Shell

Super boring post today.  Sometimes I just put stuff up so I can look back at it later when I’m thinking “I know I did this once, how did I do that?”, and today is one of those posts. If … Continue reading

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In Which I Learn New Tricks

So, I offered a favor to a user of a message board I frequent, and it turned out to be a fantastic learning experience. As always, it started with arrogance. They were wanting a video file converted.  Basically, they wanted … Continue reading

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End of Ripping Project

So, one of the bad things about the last decade of writing down more or less whatever came into my head at any given time is that I can look back to 2009 and drag up posts like this one: … Continue reading

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On Video Conversion and Film Grain

Like almost every other geek of a certain age, I was blown away by the news of a fan-transferred 1977 version of Star Wars, with all of the slightly-jerky modelwork and matte lines intact, and I went immediately to the … Continue reading

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