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Li-Li-Li-Li-Lili, Li-Li-Li-Li-Lili

Another day, another short iOS game knocked off the backlog. Lili (the “Child of Geos” subtitle seems to have been added for the PC release) is a surprisingly well-crafted iOS adventure game, especially when you consider that it can be … Continue reading

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More Yuri Than The Moscow Phone Book

In between running instances in Final Fantasy XIV, I’ve been knocking out some of the shorter games in my backlog.  I figured that I might as well do a quick run-down of some of the recent ones. Sekai Project has … Continue reading

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Burn, Baby, Burn

I had Little Inferno recommended to me two or three years ago, but I am bad at playing games in a timely fashion. It’s a little hard to describe; it’s a gloomy game about stacking toys in a fireplace and … Continue reading

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(I’ve Been) A Bard, Mage, Knight,

and I’ve been working like a dog. As I mentioned yesterday, Final Fantasy XIV is still the new shiny toy that has been occupying most of my non-Lombax-related gaming time, and there are a few reasons for this which I … Continue reading

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New Game Hype

As much as I advocate being a Sensible Consumer when it comes to games, I will admit that there is a certain thrill to anticipating a new game for months, buying it on day one, taking it home, ripping into … Continue reading

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One Giant Leap For Lombaxkind

So, Final Fantasy XIV continues to fill the role of “new MMO which is consuming all available gaming time”, but I’ve actually made some time to finish up a goal I accidentally set myself a few years back. Looking at … Continue reading

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