Li-Li-Li-Li-Lili, Li-Li-Li-Li-Lili


Another day, another short iOS game knocked off the backlog.

Lili (the “Child of Geos” subtitle seems to have been added for the PC release) is a surprisingly well-crafted iOS adventure game, especially when you consider that it can be had for a quite reasonable 3 dollars.

The gist of the story is, you’re a student of magical vegetation – stay with me – who needs to finish her final project by going to a deserted island and picking flowers.  It turns out that the deserted island ISN’T deserted (are they ever?) and is instead populated by two different groups of magical entities:

First, the Constructs:


Constructs are friendly wooden golem sorts of things who are happy to see you show up and generally nice to you.  Some of them get a little …weird… sometimes…


…but, by and large, they’re good folks.  Sadly, they are both the creations of and the slaves of Spirits, who are a little less good.


Well, let’s just put it right out there: They’re jerks.  They bully the constructs around, dismantle them if they get uppity, that sort of thing.

Naturally, you get caught up in the whole thing when you meet a construct who offers to train you and asks if you wouldn’t mind  defeating the Spirits and freeing the Constructs in the process.


As for HOW you defeat the Spirits, well…


…well, OK then.  I certainly have more than a few games involving deflowering spirits, but I wasn’t expecting to get one from the app store.

As you might expect, the Spirits are more than a little upset about this:



…well, MOSTLY upset:


OK, OK.  I’ve milked the gag long enough.

The Spirits have flowers growing out of their backs, and you defeat them by jumping on to them, riding them like a bucking bronco, and pulling the flowers out.  There are, of course, certain hindrances – some of the flowers are thorns, the Spirits are trying to shake you off the whole time, and they occasionally break out in bombs.

Spirit biology seems like a very complex thing.

There are a bunch of side quests you can take from the Constructs, there are little hidden things everywhere to uncover, the Construct/Spirit Village is a neat place to run around in general, and the entire affair is just generally a fun way to spend a few hours.

There are some iAPs, mostly cosmetic, but some which give you quite a bit of power.  I didn’t need to use any of them to finish the story on “Normal” difficulty, so I think they’re only for the most impatient players.

I don’t know if the PC version has the same iAPs.


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