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Don’t Stop Beheading

I finished Ninja Gaiden Sigma this weekend, though I was eventually forced to swallow my pride and drop down to Ninja Dog level.  In retrospect, it was the right decision, but I might have held on a little longer if … Continue reading

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Cult of Personality Test

Pretty much every job I’ve had in the last decade has had me take a Myers-Briggs test, and I always score as an INTJ.  It’s nice to be predictable, I guess. It’s not a terribly useful thing to know about … Continue reading

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How to Derail a Meeting

I inadvertently started something beautiful and terrible at work today. I have a regular 8:30 meeting, which we have because someone got the idea that daily team meetings were a great idea. That person doesn’t attend the meetings, mind you. … Continue reading

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Once, Twice, Three Times a Ninja

I have now purchased Ninja Gaiden for the third time, this time in the form of a $6.39 copy of Ninja Gaiden Sigma for the PS3.  At some point, I am expecting my wife and friends to stage an intervention. … Continue reading

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Miku is a harsh mistress

I’m usually playing one or two console/PC games and one portable game at any given time, so I needed a new walkabout title after finishing Spirit Camera. Somehow, Project Diva f 2nd leapt off the shelf and wound up in … Continue reading

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That’s Enough Internet For Today

From an article on the impending release of Devil’s Third for the WiiU:

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Speed Camera

When I originally bought my 3DS, the store I was in didn’t have Kingdom Hearts in stock, and I felt silly leaving without any games, and I’ve always had a fondness for the Fatal Frame games, so I bought Spirit … Continue reading

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Mind: Blown

I mentioned yesterday that I’d tried to play Ninja Gaiden before.  Three times, in fact, and more-or-less in the following sequence: 2004 – while visiting a friend, he invites me to try this brand new game which he has just … Continue reading

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Go Team?

I couldn’t really get in to the Roller Coaster vs. Water Slide argument, so I picked Team Roller Coaster and played long enough to rank up a couple of times.  I didn’t have enough emotional attachment to the issue to … Continue reading

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This game shouldn’t exist

I started trying to summarize Hyperdimension: Neptunia Re;Birth, and after several false starts I just had to give up.  It’s one of those games where the target audience knows they need it the moment they see it, and anyone outside … Continue reading

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