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Illithids, Beholders, and Yuan-ti, Oh My

I needed something a little less creepy after Silent Hill 4. Back in 2008, my wife and I happily button-mashed our way through Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, a game which I am given to understand is viewed as something of … Continue reading

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Silent Hill 4: Maison Ikkoku, Hell-Dimension Edition

In retrospect, it was pretty ironic to have chosen this last week to play Silent Hill 4. It’s not that I was ACTUALLY kept inside my house by mysterious chains and sealed windows, but being stuck inside for several days … Continue reading

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Life Lessons

Learned a very important lesson this weekend: if you do a lot of housework one Sunday, and have kind of a sore back all week as a result, do not spend the NEXT Sunday ALSO doing housework. In other news, … Continue reading

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Wooooo cats

I’m choosing to believe that win% is the only metric that matters, and that Nintendo’s weird fudging of the numbers to put dogs on top is simply evidence that someone in the decision-making hierarchy couldn’t stand to see their precious … Continue reading

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Begun, The Turf Wars Have

To celebrate, Inkopolis Plaza got a new coat of, um.  Paint?  Ink? It looks pretty, anyway.  I’m not much for the Splatfest battle music, but a change of pace never hurt. After a dozen or so matches, I’m up to … Continue reading

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Earth Defense Force 2017, the first game in the series to grace American shelves, was a bit of an impulse buy.  I picked it up because my wife had heard good things about it and it was, well, it was … Continue reading

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