Wooooo cats


I’m choosing to believe that win% is the only metric that matters, and that Nintendo’s weird fudging of the numbers to put dogs on top is simply evidence that someone in the decision-making hierarchy couldn’t stand to see their precious pooches put in their place.

I also found out today that there is a surprising amount of – completely unlicensed, of course – Splatoon merch floating around the interwebs.  I think I need to get this sticker for my laptop:


…problem is, I don’t actually use a laptop these days.  So first I need to buy a new laptop and then I can put this sticker on it.

I managed to level from 14 to 16 over the course of the event, so I’m within sight of the level cap.  I’m not sure what to do once I’m there – I don’t think I want to dive in to the rage-inducing ranked mode, for sure.  At least there’s clothes to collect, and I still have the bulk of the Amiibo challenges left, so I can see getting another 20 or 30 hours out of Splatoon.  Hopefully by then there will be a couple more WiiU games to buy.

Also currently playing: Silent Hill 4: The Room, on an original Xbox that I dragged out after finding out that the backwards compatibility on the 360 was, mmm, less than perfect.  This is a console that I was pretty sure had completely died on me at one point, and it’s pretty twitchy even when it IS working, but it only has to last until I play through five games, tops.

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