Begun, The Turf Wars Have


To celebrate, Inkopolis Plaza got a new coat of, um.  Paint?  Ink?


It looks pretty, anyway.  I’m not much for the Splatfest battle music, but a change of pace never hurt.

After a dozen or so matches, I’m up to the third Splatfest rank.  There were a ton of people online, even at 2:30 in the morning Pacific time, and matches were never taking more than a minute or so to fill up.  Someone at Nintendo has to be patting themselves on the back for greenlighting this game.

And in other news, I finished Halo: Combat Evolved: Anniversary, which means that I have officially knocked an entire console off my backlog.  That’s 45 games completed since I bought the thing in roughly 2007, plus a ton of original Xbox games played on the thing in backwards compatibility mode.  It boggles the mind how Microsoft could get that console so very right and then shoot themselves in both feet at once with the successor.

I was kind of looking forward to getting the HDMI input back, but I still have 5 original Xbox games on the queue, so it gets a short stay before getting closeted.

No particular comments on Halo Anniversary, because it’s pretty much the 2001 game with a new look.  It helps some levels a LOT – in particular, The Library is much easier to navigate.  It doesn’t make Assault on the Control Room any less of a drag, though, Bungie had some interesting (and terrible) ideas about pacing back in the early 2000s.

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