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Ok, THESE might be the most annoying DVDs ever.

I may have sort of lied a little when I claimed to be completely done converting DVDs for our media server.  It turned out that I’d set aside a box of concerts and music videos, and I had to go … Continue reading

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A Short Drobo Rant

I’ve mentioned a few times here that I’ve spent roughly the last five years ripping all of our DVDs and other media to the server here at Casa Baud Attitude.  It all gets stored on a Drobo and backed up … Continue reading

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The Oneechanbara series aren’t exactly art games.  Really, they’re a raised middle finger in the direction of every well-meaning crusader, from Fredric Wertham to Tipper Gore to Jack Thompson, who has ever tried to SAVE THE CHILDREN from the evils … Continue reading

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The Pirate Fairy

When a ship full of pirates incur the wrath of the Pixie Hollow regulars, only one survives to tell the tale. …   OK, despite my best efforts, I really can’t turn Disney’s “Tinker Bell” series into something dark and … Continue reading

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Secret of the Wings

Tinker Bell’s latest invention triggers the fimbulvinter, the harsh winter that ends all life on earth and heralds the coming of Ragnarok. As the movie ends, the fairies celebrate in their new snowy wonderland.

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A Very Productive Weekend

So, having the Great Encode Project sorted out and not currently being sucked into any MMORPGs meant that I didn’t have a lot on my plate this weekend, and I was feeling kind of beat after the work week so … Continue reading

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Fairies Gone Wild

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure: Tinker Bell destroys the fairies’ most treasured holy symbol in a fit of rage, but is forgiven after making a special blue “pixie dust”, much more potent than the normal variety. Tinker Bell and … Continue reading

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54 Minutes With Suda51

A few years ago, I picked up a one-shot manga called A Farewell to Weapons, by Katsuhiro Otomo of Akira and Roujin Z fame, that was translated into English by Epic Comics back when Marvel used to do really weird … Continue reading

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I Think I Can Maybe Live Without Half Life 3

So, finished playing through Half Life 2 tonight, my fourth time through the game which says an awful lot for how much I like it. It was my first time through since Valve patched in Achievements, which I found really … Continue reading

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Well, This Should Keep Me Busy

So, after a good five years of fussing around with ripping and encoding and tagging media, I’m done.  There’s a DVD half-season of Teen Titans Go! and some opera or another still sitting in the living room unripped, and probably … Continue reading

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