Ok, THESE might be the most annoying DVDs ever.

I may have sort of lied a little when I claimed to be completely done converting DVDs for our media server.  It turned out that I’d set aside a box of concerts and music videos, and I had to go through those.

Putting them off until the last was a good decision, as an aside.  I’d started working on them a few years ago and had no end of trouble figuring out how to split the DVDs into individual videos.  Jump forward to present day, and my Handbrake-fu is advanced to the point where it’s second nature.

So those aren’t the most annoying DVDs ever.

Also in this box of shame, I had a couple of Region 2 DVD sets.

One of them was Lemon Angel, which is one of those curious footnotes in anime history.  It was 50-odd 3-minute episodes, broadcast late at night, from the same studio that did the rather infamous naughty “Cream Lemon” OVA series.  Lemon Angel was rather less naughty but still very shocking for the late 1980s.

These are also not the most annoying DVDs ever.  I was having trouble finding episode titles, because the DVD set apparently leaves off a couple of episodes and shuffles some of the rest around, but that’s workable.

The other was Yadamon, an early 90s kids show with character designs by Suezen, best known in the US for his work on the Shining Force series, and notorious for going from hyper-cheery wacky adventures to gruesome deaths-by-impaling over the course of its 170 episodes.

THESE might be the most annoying DVDs ever.

Yadamon was broadcast as an obi (“belt”) show, with five 10-minute episodes a week.  It was released as two DVD sets, both with 85 episodes.  I bought both when the Yen exchange rate was unbalanced rather harshly in favor of the yen, and I will thank the reader to not inquire as to what they might have cost me.

The first set has episodes 1-20, 26-70, 81-90, and 106-115.  The second set has 21-25, 71-80, 91-105 and 116 to 170.  I am going to go absolutely bonkers trying to keep all these straight while tagging them, and with that many episodes I am almost guaranteed to mess up SOMEWHERE.


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