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On Seasonal Snackfoods

So, if you’re a fan of Pumpkin Spice flavored… THINGS, the weeks or so between October 1st and Thanksgiving are some of the best weeks of the year, because this is the time when you can get any damn thing … Continue reading

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On the hazards of homonyms

So I’ll just sum up a couple of conversations between me and my long-suffering wife over the last few weeks: First conversation, some while ago: Me: “Hey, I ordered a Switch off Amazon” Her: *vague grunt of assent* Second conversation, … Continue reading

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Doki Doki Literature Club

On the advice of, well, it seems like pretty much the entire Internet, I decided to give Doki Doki Literature Club a try. Going in, I only knew two things: First, that it presented itself as a sort of pink-fluffy-cotton-candy … Continue reading

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Three Little HoGs

Hidden-object games are a genre that doesn’t get a whole lot of attention in gaming media, because they’re almost entirely aimed at adult women and most people who write about games are a) men and b) young, or at least … Continue reading

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Lost a gaming buddy

For some reason, our neighborhood seems to get more than its share of stray cats, and most of them are terribly cautious of people.  Occasionally, one of them will pick our back porch as a place to hole up, and … Continue reading

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Experimenting with Disc-to-Digital and Movies Anywhere

Not much to talk about on the games front right now – I’m slowly grinding through Pandora’s Tower and am almost done with tower 10, so getting to the end game – so today’s post is about another of my … Continue reading

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Finally, digital movie sanity

If you read back through a few years of posts here – mind you, I can’t recommend actually reading the last ten years of posts, but let’s assume that you are very very bored – you will see the chronicles … Continue reading

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Onwards to 101

Knocking out Metroid: Other M and Cursed Mountain got my Wii backlog under double digits, so – on a reader recommendation – I decided to pull Pandora’s Tower off the shelf to keep pushing that number down. It’s a fantasy-setting … Continue reading

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2017 Backlog Milestones: 100 Down

I wrapped up Cursed Mountain this weekend, and I’m happy to report that the initial very positive impressions I had of it continued all the way to the end. It’s hard not to compare it to the Fatal Frame series, … Continue reading

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Quick Other M thoughts. 

Edit: Revised to add some thoughts after finishing, didn’t feel like a whole new post. I was very close to dropping Other M a couple of nights ago. There were just so many stretches of boring hallway, and the jump … Continue reading

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