On the hazards of homonyms

So I’ll just sum up a couple of conversations between me and my long-suffering wife over the last few weeks:

First conversation, some while ago:

Me: “Hey, I ordered a Switch off Amazon”

Her: *vague grunt of assent*

Second conversation, Friday morning:

Me: “Hey, my Amazon package with the Switch got delivered to the work mailroom, I’m going to go in and pick it up and run a couple other errands”

Her: “OK”

Third conversation, Friday afternoon:

Me: “Hey, check out our new Switch!”

Expected response:

ACTUAL response: “Um, when you said you were ordering a switch, I thought you meant:”

(Thankfully, she is not actually mad at me.)

Sooooo… I could have been a little more clear.  OK, considerably more clear.  Like, maybe sticking “Nintendo” somewhere in any of our previous conversations would have been a fantastic idea.  Pro-tip for all my readers, especially if you are not blessed with a wife of this caliber.

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1 Response to On the hazards of homonyms

  1. Pete Davison says:

    This sounds like something my wife would do if I hadn’t already been banging on about the Switch for months. 🙂

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