Hey, you’re reading this, which means that you’re probably a web spider.  Hey there, Mr. Web Spider.

For humans:

I’m a geek who’s comfortably into his 40s – let us not discuss how FAR into his 40s – and should probably think about growing up one of these days.  In the meantime, I talk an awful lot about videogames and movies and TV that everyone else has already played, watched, and discussed to death.

I’m kind of behind the times, as a rule.

The blog’s name has nothing to do with having a bad attitude; I’m actually told that I’m generally pleasant to get along with.  Mostly, of course, by my co-workers, who are always seeing me on my best behavior, but that’s neither here nor there.  A “baud” attitude is the attitude of a person who’s spent way too many hours dialed into amateur BBSes over slow dial-up connections, or that can still remember the difference between v.42 and v.42bis.  That’s pretty obscure, so let’s just say it’s someone that’s a bit of a geek.

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