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Sucker Punched by Cuteness

So… a friend of mine recommended the anime “Air” to me. Since he’s given me lots of good suggestions in the past (Haruhi, Welcome to the NHK, lots of others that aren’t coming to mind), I figured I would take … Continue reading

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Job Satisfaction

I actually don’t have an unkind word for my current employer.  I’ve been there about 10 weeks and I quite like everyone, even my boss, so this shouldn’t be taken as a neener, neener, kind of post. My current position … Continue reading

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Gameworld Nostalgia

I don’t have the bandwidth these days for any MMO, and it amazes me how much I’ve been able to get done since I’ve admitted I don’t have time for any MMO, but I’ve given EQ2 a few hours this … Continue reading

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Proactively leveraging synergy.

…or, in today’s installment, I am an idiot sometimes. We had planned to have my gamerspouse and his wife over to our place today to look at vacation photos, since we racked up about 4GB of photos on our recent … Continue reading

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I have no excuse…

…for posting this, but it makes me giggle. Light spoilers for Lucky Star 12: Konata drags Kagami and Tsukasa to Comiket to help her buy doujinshi. Kagami makes the mistake of opening one.

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Apologies, actually fairly classy:

My wife and I both tried out Vanguard : Saga of Heroes earlier this year, and we both kind of put it aside pretty quickly – not before we both got some nice PC upgrades as a result, though, so … Continue reading

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Tron 2.0 : End Of Line

Yes, I admit it, I have put off updating the blog while I played Tron 2.0 solely because I wanted to use that as a post title. I’m a sad, sick man. Anyway. I’m happy to report that patching the … Continue reading

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A weekend with Harry (no spoilers)

I didn’t really catch the “Harry Potter” bug early on. We didn’t buy any of the books until the third one was out, then I read those and found out that there were going to be seven in total, so … Continue reading

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Raging 80’s Nostalgia

So I’ve been trying out Tron 2.0 for the second time.  First time around, I didn’t make it past what I believe to be the training level. This time, I’ve managed to get a bit further, and the atmosphere is, … Continue reading

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Goals in life: Questionable

Back from Alaska, and it was a fine time indeed. Saw lots of natural beauty, plenty of wildlife, and a few museums. A good trip. Much good food, in fact, too much – I came home at 193.6 and need … Continue reading

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