Gameworld Nostalgia

I don’t have the bandwidth these days for any MMO, and it amazes me how much I’ve been able to get done since I’ve admitted I don’t have time for any MMO, but I’ve given EQ2 a few hours this week since Sony was nice enough to give me a free copy and all.

My primary reason for checking it out is, well, I spent way too much time playing EQ and since they announced EQ2 takes place 500 years in the future, I’ve been somewhat curious to see what the world looks like 500 years in the future. Never curious enough to actually buy the game, mind you.

So, I’ve rolled a Shadowknight, and gotten to look around Neriak some, and that was a great nostalgia kick, and then I managed to run over to Freeport, which is less of a nostalgia kick but I really haven’t explored much, and now I’ve started a Qeynos-area rogue to poke around that side of the world.

If I had the free time for it, I could see myself getting quite sucked in to this one.

Unfortunately, it’s going to lose out to the combined forces of school, work, and Japanese study – and if those weren’t enough to keep me off MMOs, there’s the little matter of having gotten really used, this year, to starting and finishing games. MMOs don’t have a “finish” to look forward to. 🙂

Let’s Learn Japanese Progress: 24/52. Nearly all of the first year done. Really can’t speak highly enough of this series.

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