Job Satisfaction

I actually don’t have an unkind word for my current employer.  I’ve been there about 10 weeks and I quite like everyone, even my boss, so this shouldn’t be taken as a neener, neener, kind of post.

My current position is Software Quality Assurance.  I design tests for software so that, in theory, customers don’t see many of the bugs that developers write.  It’s not exactly a glamor job, but it pays well enough to keep the cats fed.

Today my boss walks in to my cube.   Without saying a word, he takes the keyboard, pushes a few buttons, and demonstrates for me a really nasty crash.  As in, oops, the product is completely unable to perform a fundamental operation and any customer trying to use that basic bit of functionality will hit this bug.

I look at him.  I nod in agreement.  Clearly he has found a nasty nasty bug.

Without saying a word, I open the bug tracking system.  I show him where I found, and wrote up, this same bug on Friday.  Furthermore, it’s assigned to him to do something about.

He mumbles something about needing to read his bug reports more, and leaves.

Now that’s job satisfaction.

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