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A New Perspective on Bitching.

OK, so: Back in 2002, early 2003, Microsoft rolled out the Hype Train for an upcoming game called Brute Force.  In retrospect, they probably poured the hype on a little TOO strongly, as it got a bit of a backlash … Continue reading

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Backlog: The Progressing.

3 months ago – October 26, to be precise, I made up a list of 45 games to put at the top of the backlog.  Everything else went into plain white storage boxes so I could concentrate on titles that … Continue reading

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Kameo: Making Things Difficult For Myself.

So, I’ve gone back to the Xbox 360’s launch library for my next game, Kameo. This was a game I was really looking forward to when it was announced as a Gamecube title – I even had a Kameo wallpaper … Continue reading

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The Doctrine of First Theft.

Pardon me for a minute while I get serious and ranty.   I promise, it’s all back to “yay, I finished another game!” or “look at the neat thing I bought” next post. I was browsing around for new wallpaper last … Continue reading

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I achieve perfection!

…well, in at least one way. I finished Phantasy Star Universe’s offline, single-player Story Mode tonight, and that gave me 1000 gamerscore of a possible 1000.  So, I got a perfect achievement.  See? Moving on… While I still wish that … Continue reading

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RPG goodness on the cheap.

Scored at Goodwill tonight: Baldur’s Gate, Baldur’s Gate : Tales of the Sword Coast, Baldur’s Gate II, all for a massive $10. Boxes trashed all to heck and back, so not pictured, but discs in reasonable shape. No manuals for … Continue reading

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Stuff it, Turtleneck-boy.

You had me all stoked to start renting movies on your i-toons thing, and what do I find when I decide to try it out? standard-def, full-screen mockeries.  Apparently that’s all Mac owners deserve. No, I’m not going to buy … Continue reading

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I think I’ve had about enough Tangos.

Whole mess of “firsts” recently: I finished Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six : Vegas on the 360… This is the first “Tom Clancy’s subtitle subtitle : subtitle” game I’ve ever played through. I do own “Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell”and “Tom Clancy’s … Continue reading

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Wait, define “Failure” again?

…now that I have a blu-ray disc player, I’ve been paying more attention to assorted forum threads talking about the format. There’s lots of folks out there who are convinced that both HD formats are doomed and that, instead of … Continue reading

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Heavenly Sword: See Gong, Throw Hat.

I have to admit, I laughed at the Penny Arcade “Heavenly Sword” comic. Well, let me rephrase that.  It’s a comic, you’re supposed to laugh at it, laughing is a natural and expected response.  What I meant is that I … Continue reading

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