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A New Perspective on Bitching.

OK, so: Back in 2002, early 2003, Microsoft rolled out the Hype Train for an upcoming game called Brute Force.  In retrospect, they probably poured the hype on a little TOO strongly, as it got a bit of a backlash … Continue reading

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Backlog: The Progressing.

3 months ago – October 26, to be precise, I made up a list of 45 games to put at the top of the backlog.  Everything else went into plain white storage boxes so I could concentrate on titles that … Continue reading

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Kameo: Making Things Difficult For Myself.

So, I’ve gone back to the Xbox 360’s launch library for my next game, Kameo. This was a game I was really looking forward to when it was announced as a Gamecube title – I even had a Kameo wallpaper … Continue reading

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The Doctrine of First Theft.

Pardon me for a minute while I get serious and ranty.   I promise, it’s all back to “yay, I finished another game!” or “look at the neat thing I bought” next post. I was browsing around for new wallpaper last … Continue reading

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I achieve perfection!

…well, in at least one way. I finished Phantasy Star Universe’s offline, single-player Story Mode tonight, and that gave me 1000 gamerscore of a possible 1000.  So, I got a perfect achievement.  See? Moving on… While I still wish that … Continue reading

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RPG goodness on the cheap.

Scored at Goodwill tonight: Baldur’s Gate, Baldur’s Gate : Tales of the Sword Coast, Baldur’s Gate II, all for a massive $10. Boxes trashed all to heck and back, so not pictured, but discs in reasonable shape. No manuals for … Continue reading

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Stuff it, Turtleneck-boy.

You had me all stoked to start renting movies on your i-toons thing, and what do I find when I decide to try it out? standard-def, full-screen mockeries.  Apparently that’s all Mac owners deserve. No, I’m not going to buy … Continue reading

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