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Stuff I bought in Japan 2017: Gaming Edition

Every time I go to Japan, I tell myself (and anyone who will listen) “Oh, this isn’t just a shopping trip, I have lots of things I will be doing that aren’t shopping.” And then I add up the receipts … Continue reading

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Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance 2: Bad Boss Design 101

Earlier this year, I finished off nearly every Xbox and Xbox 360 game I had, leaving only Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance 2.  My wife and I had played through the first one in co-op mode, so I gave her a … Continue reading

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Mind: Blown

I mentioned yesterday that I’d tried to play Ninja Gaiden before.  Three times, in fact, and more-or-less in the following sequence: 2004 – while visiting a friend, he invites me to try this brand new game which he has just … Continue reading

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Illithids, Beholders, and Yuan-ti, Oh My

I needed something a little less creepy after Silent Hill 4. Back in 2008, my wife and I happily button-mashed our way through Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, a game which I am given to understand is viewed as something of … Continue reading

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Silent Hill 4: Maison Ikkoku, Hell-Dimension Edition

In retrospect, it was pretty ironic to have chosen this last week to play Silent Hill 4. It’s not that I was ACTUALLY kept inside my house by mysterious chains and sealed windows, but being stuck inside for several days … Continue reading

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Deathsmiles II X – The Lolis Strike Back

It’s hard saying “Japanese Xbox 360-exclusive” without a massive amount of cognitive dissonance, but the thing managed to rack up a startling number of titles that fit into that category over the course of its lifespan. Probably 75% of them … Continue reading

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It’s The Little Things

To continue the theme I’ve had going lately, where I neglect modern consoles and massive Steam backlogs in favor of playing decade-old Xbox games, I’ve started Metal Arms: A Glitch In The System. I’m not going to talk about that … Continue reading

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