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I am not going to be the very best, like no one ever was

I’m about three hours into Pokémon Black “Version 2” and have passed the first gym. It was a god-damned virtual bloodbath.  I’m not good at this.  On the other hand, the stuff I am fighting now that I am past … Continue reading

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A few days ago, I mentioned that I was playing through the Love Live! School Idol Paradise games for the Vita, and at the time I was fairly positive about them, especially as I’d picked them all up for surprisingly … Continue reading

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Vita Means Love Live

I like rhythm games and idol anime, so naturally I picked these up the last time I was in Japan: BUT, since I’d never actually watched the series, I figured I should watch the first two seasons of it so … Continue reading

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I have kitty cat paw print analog stick covers on my Vitas.

Just look at these things.  They’re glorious.   Also, considering how slippery the Vita’s analog sticks are, they’re way more practical than they have any right to be.  I wish I’d gotten these a few years back. Low effort post … Continue reading

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Stuff I bought in Japan 2017: Gaming Edition

Every time I go to Japan, I tell myself (and anyone who will listen) “Oh, this isn’t just a shopping trip, I have lots of things I will be doing that aren’t shopping.” And then I add up the receipts … Continue reading

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It’s Called “Miracle Girls Festival” Because “Lolirock” Was Taken

The second Vita rhythm game I mashed my way through over the last few days of being miserable in bed will be very familiar to anyone who’s played any of the entries in the Project Diva series, because the rhythm … Continue reading

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The Idolmaster: Must Songs (Red) : Banging on the Bongos Like A Chimpanzee

I managed to pick up a godawful flu last week and spent a solid five days in bed either sleeping or wishing I could sleep. During the “wishing I could sleep” bits, I played through a couple of Vita rhythm … Continue reading

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