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There was a POST here.

Dug deep into the backlog this week and unearthed Silent Hill 2, which I’ve been meaning to play for ages.  I played through the Wii remake (re-envisioning?) of the first game a couple of years ago, which I am told … Continue reading

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A Public Service Announcement

It turns out that Bullet Witch is now available for digital purchase, should you own an Xbox 360 and should you have inexplicably missed one of the best titles for the system. OK, some of what I said in that … Continue reading

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Horrifying DVDs

When it comes to going out to see a movie in Oregon, there aren’t many options for theater chains.  Regal has displaced or absorbed pretty much every movie theater within 50 miles, so I wind up sitting through the “REGAL … Continue reading

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More stuff my wife puts up with

I just had, like, two cookies.  And maybe a bear claw.  And some coffee.  

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Mood Swings

Started watching Non Non Biyori this morning.  It’s a slow-paced show about four friends living in extremely rural Japan – so rural, in fact, that they represent the entire student population of the local school, the nearest video store is … Continue reading

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I got 765 problems…

…and Ritsuko MAY be one of them. Yes, I’m recycling a post title joke from like a month ago.  I never claimed to be all that original. Anyway, I think I may have to be done with Idolmaster: Shiny Festa.  … Continue reading

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After finishing Gatchaman Crowds, I needed a new show. Browsing Crunchyroll, I stumbled across Kotoura-San, a 12-episode “fantasy romantic comedy” featuring a girl who reads minds and a small cast of wacky high school friends, which sounded right up my … Continue reading

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Gatchaman Crowds

With rare exception, I watch some REALLY terrible anime. I mean, sure, I’ll occasionally watch something like Psycho-Pass where the show actually has something vaguely like a message and you have to sort of pay attention, but that gets drowned … Continue reading

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Finished the “campaign” mode, if you can call it that, of Idolmaster: Shiny Festa. The trick turned out to be compulsively grinding memories with my idols between actual days of competition, and equipping an item that let me be lazy … Continue reading

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Alts are Bad

With recent MMOs, I try not to create too many different characters.  When you have a bunch of alts, it’s really easy to keep finding excuses to log in and then you wind up living in a feral state and … Continue reading

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