Mood Swings

Started watching Non Non Biyori this morning.  It’s a slow-paced show about four friends living in extremely rural Japan – so rural, in fact, that they represent the entire student population of the local school, the nearest video store is ten train stations away, and they’ve only seen convenience stores in commercials.

It’s a very relaxing, therapeutic show with an awful lot of charm going for it.

I also finished Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, which I started nearly 8 months ago.  I started it at the same time as Kingdom Hearts 2 and it quickly got pushed aside in favor of Fun Times With Sora, which I hope explains why it’s taken me all this time to play through a 10 hour campaign.

It’s not very relaxing and has absolutely ZERO charm.  Also, there are an awful lot of explosions.  Non Non Biyori does not, as of yet, feature any explosions.

That said, I still had a good time with it and playing with the Near Future Tech in it has made me look forward to Call of Duty: Post-Modern Warfare or whatever they’re calling this next one, the one where they’re just throwing realism out the window and going full-on sci-fi.

It’s only natural to compare it to Ghosts, and I have to say that Ghosts comes up a little wanting.  Ghosts had Riley, who was pretty awesome, but I found myself much more interested in the story bits of BLOPS2 and the “Strike Mission” side stories helped break up the normal CoD gameplay.  I didn’t particularly care for the branching storylines in BLOPS2, because I found myself going to a guide far too often when I had to make a choice, but I have to give them credit for trying something out of the ordinary for the series.

So, pretty much my definition of a perfect day:  Cute happy slice-of-life anime and hardcore dudebro explosion-based narratives.

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