I got 765 problems…

…and Ritsuko MAY be one of them.

Yes, I’m recycling a post title joke from like a month ago.  I never claimed to be all that original.

Anyway, I think I may have to be done with Idolmaster: Shiny Festa.  I managed to beat the campaign mode, I managed to get FULL COMBO (caps are important, yo) on all songs on Normal mode, I managed to get an A rank or better on all songs on Pro mode, unlocking every song on Master Mode, I managed to get A rank or better on about half of Master Mode… and then my wrists gave out.

Master mode note charts look something like this:


You have multiple tracks coming towards the target and the notes from the separate tracks are actually interleaving.  This is one of the more polite ones, even.

The A ranks that I did get were largely a result of just hammering both sides of the screen at once as fast as I could, and praying that it would register the taps as being on the right sides of the screen.

This is not good to do to your joints 🙂  So I may need to call this the point where I rest on my laurels and call this one beaten.


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