Alts are Bad

With recent MMOs, I try not to create too many different characters.  When you have a bunch of alts, it’s really easy to keep finding excuses to log in and then you wind up living in a feral state and fighting over food scraps with the cats.

I may have skipped a few steps in the middle of that process.

Nonetheless, Tera has a double experience thing going on for its anniversary, and it runs through the 13th, so it felt silly to be logging in and only playing a character who was at level cap and not getting any benefit from that.

So, I made a Slayer, which is in some ways very similar to my existing character.  It’s a heavy DPS class specializing in 2 handed weapons, but it uses swords instead of axes.  It’s a mobility-based character, though, and wears leather armor rather than plate, so that’s very different.  With the berserker, avoiding getting hit is pretty basic – you look for a tell from whatever you’re fighting, hit your block button, and laugh maniacally as the incoming attack bounces harmlessly off your axe.

With the slayer, you look for the tell that signifies an incoming attack, hit your dodge button, realize that you’ve hit it too early and the monster has had time to reposition to face your new location and get hit anyway.

It’s taking a little adjusting to the lower margin of error.  It’s still fun, and when I get the timing right it’s cackle-inducing levels of awesome, but I’m taking a lot more hits than on the berserker.

That’s OK, though, because the Tera newbie experience is every bit as fun as I remembered from a couple of years ago AND the developers have taken some time to grind off the rough bits.  The newbie island in particular has been streamlined down to about half an hour of running around before you hit level 11 and get tossed into the world at large, and there’s a new “avatar weapon” system that basically hands every class a near top-tier weapon every few levels up through the mid-50s.  Enchanting has also been streamlined like crazy – both the fodder you need to use to enchant weapons and the reagent you need to enchant them drop like mad from just about anything you fight.

The only issue I’m having is that, since I started hitting the queues for instanced dungeons the moment I hit level 20, I’m leveling maybe a little TOO fast – I’m skipping a bunch of optional quests and only doing the main storyline and I STILL have to be careful to get to those quests before they go grey on me.

So yeah, alts are bad.  But it’s hard to think that when I’m having this much fun. 🙂



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