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The Old Man and Mercy

It’s mid-January and I am still playing Overwatch for between 30 and 60 minutes every night while making the pedals of our exercise bike go ’round.  As far as exercise routines go, it’s pretty low impact… but it does make … Continue reading

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Ashen: I couldn’t think of a funny post title.

Let’s be clear.  I had a wide variety of post titles to choose between, but in the end I couldn’t decide between making a funny play on words involving “ash” or making a Souls reference that would be ever-so-clever but … Continue reading

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Is this cultural appropriation?

When I was younger, I spent a few years living in a small town in the heart of Corn Country, which you can imagine was a bad place to be the “weird kid”. To this day, I joke that the … Continue reading

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Thanos Quote

About a month ago, I mentioned that I’d pulled a copy of Destiny out of a bargain bin for rather less than the price of a cup of coffee* and that it had been good for a solid 15 hours … Continue reading

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Mining the discount bin

So, I spent a solid month earlier this year playing through every Halo game, reading Halo books, watching Halo movies, eating Halo cereal out of a Halo bowl with a Halo spoon… It was an experiment in getting caught up … Continue reading

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On Second Place

I have a long history of making poor tech choices. I’ve owned Laserdiscs and Minidiscs, Sega Saturns and NEC TurboDuos, an eee 701 netbook and a Windows Phone. Let’s just say that I have a knack for picking the winning … Continue reading

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Halo Month, Part 7: I don’t know why you say Halo, I say goodbye.

Technically, I did not absorb EVERY piece of Halo-related media in the last three weeks. There are a few comics, a whole mess of audio logs and terminal records, and a couple of books I didn’t get around to. That … Continue reading

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