I just played, like, sixty hours of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

It was OK.

I should put more words here.  Also it was rather better than OK and that is an unfair way to start today’s post.

Finishing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, or ASSODD as I shall call it henceforth, marks the first time since 2013 that I have actually been caught up on the series.  At some point, I stopped playing them and they kept right on making them, but fortunately the company decided to skip a couple of years to make the catching up easier.

The thing is, sixty hours to play ASSODD is maybe a little rushed, which is a sentence that I am having trouble believing even as I write it.  This is a ridiculously BIG game.  Over my playtime, I managed to uncover about 80% of the map and finish all three main storylines.    Knocking out the remaining 20% of the map would probably take another forty hours, and I don’t think that’s time well-spent.  Then there’s the huge stack of free post-launch story DLC and the six paid DLC chapters that came with the Big Damn Ultimate Edition With Everything package, which is the package I bought as soon as Ubisoft knocked it down to thirty bucks.

It really is frighteningly close to an MMO in its ability to always have something else to do when you’re done with whatever you were doing.  Very dangerous.

Fun, though.

Over the course of my time with Kassandra and her Extremely Dysfunctional Family, I murdered close to two thousand random mooks who I swear had it coming to them, defeated an ancient cult, faced off against a Greatest Hits of mythological Greek monsters, sailed all over a somewhat scaled-down version of the Aegean Sea, banged a couple of …

wait that is not very PC

…HAD ENTHUSIASTICALLY CONSENSUAL intimate relations with a couple of chicks, toppled a few governments and in general had a grand old time in an extremely violent sandbox.

And then there was a random mook named… I don’t actually know if he had a name.  He was a Spartan guard who saw me darting from bush to bush while I was sneaking through a military fort.  We’ll call him Bob…krates.  Bobkrates.  That’s a good Ancient Greek name.

Bobkrates stopped in his tracks, stared at the bush I was in for a minute, said (quite loudly) “Whatever it was, it’s not worth the trouble” and then walked into a building and laid down to go to sleep.

In recognition of his STUNNING work ethic, I murdered every single other guard in the fort, leaving Bobkrates unharmed and letting him get some rest.  Because, frankly, I have been Bobkrates on many occasions.

Summary: Kassandra is cool, (maybe cooler than Bayek? Bayek was so cool that it is hard to put anyone above him on the AC protagonist tier charts), Ancient Greece is gorgeous in 4K/HDR, stabbing mans has rarely been more fun, looking forward to Vikings in the fall, let’s all have a big hand of applause for a global pandemic making sitting at home playing video games the responsible thing to do.

Also it inspired me to watch the Harryhausen Jason and the Golden Fleece, which was a good time.  Going to maybe watch 300 next.  Never seen it.  I understand a guy gets kicked into a well.


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