Heavenly Sword: See Gong, Throw Hat.

I have to admit, I laughed at the Penny Arcade “Heavenly Sword” comic.

Well, let me rephrase that.  It’s a comic, you’re supposed to laugh at it, laughing is a natural and expected response.  What I meant is that I didn’t take it too seriously…

You know, that doesn’t really work either.

OK, third try: I really expected that the comic was an exaggeration of the truth.  And then I actually played the game, and found that every time I felt stuck, I just had to look for the box of hats.  I think Gabe & Tycho deserve serious credit for producing the shortest strategy guide in history.

But wait, you say, “Heavenly Sword” is a PS3 exclusive, and you are a die-hard Sony hater.  What is up? How is it that you are playing this game?

Well, thank a combination of things for that.

1) Warner announcing Blu-ray disc exclusivity.  The format war is over, and as much as I was pulling for HD-DVD to take off, it’s not happening.  And, in truth, it didn’t matter which format died first, just that one of them DID die.  This isn’t like “DVD vs DIVX”, where the prospect of being locked into Circuit City’s insane world domination scheme was a nightmare – both formats are pretty equal.

2) My wife and I started playing “Champions of Norrath” on the PS2 and, well, PS2 games look like ass on a 50″ screen.  And not good ass, at that. The PS3 has built-in upscaling for PS2 games, which eliminates some of the blur around text in dialogue and makes the PS2 jaggies a little less obvious.

So, we bought a used 60GB PS3 from Gamecrazy.

This had the following beneficial results:

1) We get hardware based backwards compatibility with PS2 games.

2) Buying a used system meant that we didn’t give Sony any money.

3) Buying from Gamecrazy meant that we didn’t give Gamestop any money.

As a side benefit, the previous owner of this PS3 had apparently explored the full depth of the PS3’s game library… by which I mean that the only data on the console was save games for football and golf games.  I don’t think it’s seen extensive use.

So, anyway, we rented the first Pirates of the Caribbean Blu-ray and Heavenly Sword.  And Pirates looks really really nice in 1080i, and Heavenly Sword looks pretty decent as well.  Minus 5 points for overuse of bloom and minus another 10 points for what I will call the Sudeki factor: Western developers trying really really hard to be Japanese developers.

I’m going to need to resist the temptation to re-buy DVD titles as Blu-ray discs, but honestly the price of Blu-ray discs will help curb that temptation.  There are a couple of titles I never owned on DVD that may find their way home, but apart from that it’s rentals only for a while.

Man, I went link happy in this post.

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2 Responses to Heavenly Sword: See Gong, Throw Hat.

  1. BPatrick says:

    Gotta love all the Ads by Google for hats. 😀


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