Backlog: The Progressing.

3 months ago – October 26, to be precise, I made up a list of 45 games to put at the top of the backlog.  Everything else went into plain white storage boxes so I could concentrate on titles that were either highly regarded, or that I’d played through partway and been distracted, or that, well, just had a cute main character.

Finishing Kameo today brings me up to having finished 7 of those, so that’s some decent progress.

I’ve also played through, well, six games that weren’t on that original list, so I pretty much suck at sticking to a plan.

Still, it’s keeping me off Everquest.  I get the occasional twitch now and again, but whenever I consider resubscribing, I remember that if I do that I’ll never get anywhere with the backlog.  🙂

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