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A weekend with Harry (no spoilers)

I didn’t really catch the “Harry Potter” bug early on. We didn’t buy any of the books until the third one was out, then I read those and found out that there were going to be seven in total, so … Continue reading

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Raging 80’s Nostalgia

So I’ve been trying out Tron 2.0 for the second time.  First time around, I didn’t make it past what I believe to be the training level. This time, I’ve managed to get a bit further, and the atmosphere is, … Continue reading

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Goals in life: Questionable

Back from Alaska, and it was a fine time indeed. Saw lots of natural beauty, plenty of wildlife, and a few museums. A good trip. Much good food, in fact, too much – I came home at 193.6 and need … Continue reading

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Where once there was madness…

…now there is sanity. Until yesterday, I had a large plastic bin full of cables, and a duffel bag full of the cables that wouldn’t fit in the large plastic bin. This is AFTER a major thinning project I did … Continue reading

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15 Minutes with Hell

Blame it on Deus Ex, but I figured I’d try another PC game. Give the consoles a bit of a rest. So, I spent a couple of hours last night, when I should have been getting an early night’s rest, … Continue reading

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Game harder, not smarter.

It’s a good week for finishing games. In addition to Deus Ex earlier this week, I finally got through Mario & Luigi : Partners in Time. This was a Christmas gift from my wife, and I was a bit dubious … Continue reading

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