Apologies, actually fairly classy:

My wife and I both tried out Vanguard : Saga of Heroes earlier this year, and we both kind of put it aside pretty quickly – not before we both got some nice PC upgrades as a result, though, so I guess every cloud has its silver lining.

At any rate, I’m guessing a lot of people tried Vanguard and put it aside. I say this because Sony Online Entertainment decided to apologize by sending us both postcards that say, basically, “we’re really sorry about Vanguard. Here, try “Everquest II” for free. Until September 15th. With all the expansions and stuff, also free. By the way, we’ve gotten most of the bugs out by now, and it doesn’t suck nearly as badly as you might have heard. Please try it. Did we mention free?”

So, a $40 game and nearly 2 free months of subscription. Not bad. I give you a thumbs up, Sony Online Entertainment, and I accept your apology.

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