A weekend with Harry (no spoilers)

I didn’t really catch the “Harry Potter” bug early on. We didn’t buy any of the books until the third one was out, then I read those and found out that there were going to be seven in total, so I didn’t read the fourth book when it came out as I didn’t want to be left with a cliffhanger.

Then, the movies started coming out, and we went to see those. I still haven’t read the fourth book, but I’ve seen the movie now, at any rate.

Then, with Deathly Hallows coming out… well, I felt the need to catch up. So, last weekend while the rest of the nation was off seeing Order of the Phoenix in theaters, I was reading that book and Half-Blood Prince.

Fortunately, I’d managed not to have Half-Blood Prince spoiled for me.

Then, like the pathetic fanboy I am, I trooped over to the local grocer’s and bought Deathly Hallows at their midnight launch event. I will confess I wore headphones just in case someone wanted to go loudly talking about spoilerish things, as I understand the whole damn book got leaked to the net early.

Then I stayed up until a godawful hour of the morning reading it.

Then we went to see Order of the Phoenix that evening.

It is difficult to imagine my reactions to both being any more different. I thought the book was a great way to conclude the story and a proper send-off for the characters, while the movie was a very weak collection of fairly disconnected scenes from the book and left out far too much.

The one-on-one duel at the end did, however, rock. And Luna was pretty cool.  I’ll give it those points.

Looking forward to hearing the office chatter on Monday. More to the point, how many people are willing to admit they did more or less the same thing. 🙂

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