A Very Productive Weekend

So, having the Great Encode Project sorted out and not currently being sucked into any MMORPGs meant that I didn’t have a lot on my plate this weekend, and I was feeling kind of beat after the work week so I didn’t feel like going out much.

Great successes:

1) Upgraded two computers to Windows 8.1, one from XP and one from 7.  The XP one was fun because it’s a 2009 Macbook Pro 13″ and Apple only officially supports Windows 7 on this model so it took some wrangling.

2) Converted from Local computer accounts to a Microsoft account for easy syncing of preferences and documents.

3) Discovered that there are some preferences I didn’t want synced.

4) Set up the previously-Windows-XP MacBook for use as a Visual Novel machine, and installed a bunch of Visual Novels that I will get around to any month now.  Honestly, if I can at least get through Da Capo, hook up with Kotori, and make sure that Neru dies alone and friendless, I’ll be happy enough.

5) Oh, upgraded the Mac side of the same MacBook to Yosemite.  Lot of upgrading this weekend.

6) Fought with Photoshop Elements until I figured out how Albums and Folders and Watched Folders work.  Took a lot of notes so hopefully I’ll still remember in a few months.

7) Closed, like, 40 browser tabs.  I have a bad habit of using browser tabs as a sort of to-do list.

8) Replaced one 3TB backup drive that was at 97% capacity and getting a little twitchy with a 4TB drive and re-ran the backup.  This took 28 hours, which I think is a pretty good way to burn-in a drive.

9) Figured out how to sync music playlists to the Vita using Content Manager.  The trick is to put a Playlists folder under your music folder and put your m3us in there.  This is not documented anywhere I can find.

10) After all this productivity, needed some down time, so I watched Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue, which I quite enjoyed even if I also enjoyed making snarky comments, and played some Oneechanbara Z2: Chaos which is turning out to be quite a love letter to the fans.

Heck of a good weekend, all in all.

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