The Pirate Fairy

The_Pirate_Fairy_PosterWhen a ship full of pirates incur the wrath of the Pixie Hollow regulars, only one survives to tell the tale.


OK, despite my best efforts, I really can’t turn Disney’s “Tinker Bell” series into something dark and malicious.

I have tried, though.  Oh, how I have tried.

For a studio afraid to name feature films after heroines, Disney sure does love to release fairy-themed entertainment, with five films and a TV special already released and a sixth film on the way – and, while “The Lost Treasure” was a bit of a sour note for the series, the rest have been genuinely fun to watch.  We’re not exactly talking deep, layered dramas here, just films engineered to put you in a good mood through irrepressible earnestness and cheer.  It doesn’t hurt, either, that they are generally gorgeous films.  The first one, to be fair, betrays its direct-to-video nature, but the visuals ramp up fast and the most recent two look every bit like they belong on a bigger screen than your living-room TV.

Also, since these things are pretty much not aimed at the young boy market even in the least bit, there’s no effort put into adding stuff that young boys might like, which is good as young boys are pretty much terrible.  I say this having been one, and having been terrible.

My only regret is that, while the films thus far are on Netflix, the one that comes out in March probably won’t be for some while and I’m going to be forced to make a hard choice between patience and pocketbook if I want to see it any time soon.

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