Well, This Should Keep Me Busy

So, after a good five years of fussing around with ripping and encoding and tagging media, I’m done.  There’s a DVD half-season of Teen Titans Go! and some opera or another still sitting in the living room unripped, and probably half a dozen DVDs that will live on as VIDEO_TS folders until such time as Handbrake starts being able to correctly interpret them, but I have successfully transferred two and a half decade’s worth of a video collection to the server and backed it up and can, basically, get on with the process of complaining that there’s nothing on worth watching.

In the end, it comes to 1,203 movies and 13,114 episodes of various TV shows, taking roughly 7.3 TB to store.

And, ironically enough, I spent most of the weekend catching up on “Sherlock” via Netflix and watching the 2008 Tinker Bell movie, also via Netflix.

I did watch Chinatown off the media server, so I feel I got 120% of my RDA of film noir in one go.

I am a little hesitant to watch the sequel to Tinker Bell, because one of the plot points of the first movie is that Ms. Bell introduces the concept of assembly-line-style efficiency to the daily tasks of the other fairies, and presumably the sequel deals with the crushing unemployment problems in Pixie Hollow as roughly ninety percent of her fellow fairies, rendered redundant, are forced to take low-paying service jobs and bemoan the loss of the Neverland Dream.

Sounds a bit bleak, really.

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