In which I buy “Limited Edition” Pop-Tarts

I really should not be allowed to go to the grocery store unattended and late at night, because it seems that my willpower is low and I can be tempted by the strangest of foods.


For the record, they taste remarkably like eating a bowl of Froot Loops(tm).  Warm Froot Loops(tm), mind you, but that should give you an idea of what you’re in for should you fall prey to the same temptation I did.

It’s Horizon: Zero Dawn week, and I suspect I will be taking full advantage of having sugary, terrible snacks in the house.  Or I’ll play for a couple of hours and get distracted and then have it taunting me from the rack saying “you pre-ordered me, you just HAD to have me on release day…” like so many others over the years.

At least I downgraded from the collector’s edition to the peasant standard edition.  I really don’t need another little statue on my shelf collecting dust.


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