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I May Have A Souls Problem

So.  Dark Souls: Remastered comes out tomorrow, and I preordered the PS4 version ages ago.  Of course, between people who got their copies early and people who bought the PC version off Steam when it launched early, there are an … Continue reading

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New Monitor Time

For several years now, I’ve been using an Apple Cinema Display as my gaming PC monitor.  They’re insanely overpriced at retail, but you can get them from Apple’s refurb store for about 2/3rds of retail which makes them only, well, … Continue reading

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I am really quite fickle when it comes to free MMOs. Less than a week after trying out Perfect World International for a bit, I’m back in Sony’s pockets. I had been getting a little burned out on eq2 at … Continue reading

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Now what?

  A gap of a month or so between posts usually means that I’ve gotten back into MMORPGs, and this one is no exception.  I’ve been sucked back into Everquest 2 with the release of the latest expansion, Destiny of … Continue reading

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Well, after 16 days, an awful lot of googling, a fair amount of blind guessing, and just a touch of frantically looking kanji up, I have officially finished Ritsuko’s story mode in Idolmaster SP. And for just a second, in … Continue reading

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