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Shoot it in the head, and other advice from Otomedius

It’s been nearly three years since I stumbled across an Otomedius machine in an Akihabara arcade, two and a half years since it got a home release, 15 months since it got a budget price re-release, 10 months since I … Continue reading

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Well, after 16 days, an awful lot of googling, a fair amount of blind guessing, and just a touch of frantically looking kanji up, I have officially finished Ritsuko’s story mode in Idolmaster SP. And for just a second, in … Continue reading

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Random Bits & Pieces

Some things here that didn’t deserve a full post. Watched “Tokyo!” last night, which is a collection of three short films set in, well, Tokyo. The first of the three, titled “Interior Design”, was pretty good, though I thought it … Continue reading

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It warms my heart.

Let’s see, where to begin… Let’s start in December of 2006.  I drove up to Seattle to take my very first crack at the JLPT, and while I was there I met up with a friend and went to the … Continue reading

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I has a new hero

I’ve been catching up on my Gainax of late. I finished Mahoromatic a couple of weeks ago and liked it; the last episode was a series of “HUH?” moments but the actual conclusion was quite satisfying. Thing is, though, I … Continue reading

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Japanophilia; reasons why

So, I occasionally buy a Japanese gadget magazine called Digimono Station.  This would be a terribly, terribly bad idea if I knew of any Japanese electronic retailers that ship to the US, because it’s a couple hundred pages of nothing … Continue reading

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Monday Meganekko

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted anything to make my wife roll her eyes at me. Here, have a Yomiko Readman wallpaper: That should do the trick.

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