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Shoot it in the head, and other advice from Otomedius

It’s been nearly three years since I stumbled across an Otomedius machine in an Akihabara arcade, two and a half years since it got a home release, 15 months since it got a budget price re-release, 10 months since I … Continue reading

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Well, after 16 days, an awful lot of googling, a fair amount of blind guessing, and just a touch of frantically looking kanji up, I have officially finished Ritsuko’s story mode in Idolmaster SP. And for just a second, in … Continue reading

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Random Bits & Pieces

Some things here that didn’t deserve a full post. Watched “Tokyo!” last night, which is a collection of three short films set in, well, Tokyo. The first of the three, titled “Interior Design”, was pretty good, though I thought it … Continue reading

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It warms my heart.

Let’s see, where to begin… Let’s start in December of 2006.  I drove up to Seattle to take my very first crack at the JLPT, and while I was there I met up with a friend and went to the … Continue reading

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I has a new hero

I’ve been catching up on my Gainax of late. I finished Mahoromatic a couple of weeks ago and liked it; the last episode was a series of “HUH?” moments but the actual conclusion was quite satisfying. Thing is, though, I … Continue reading

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Japanophilia; reasons why

So, I occasionally buy a Japanese gadget magazine called Digimono Station.  This would be a terribly, terribly bad idea if I knew of any Japanese electronic retailers that ship to the US, because it’s a couple hundred pages of nothing … Continue reading

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Monday Meganekko

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted anything to make my wife roll her eyes at me. Here, have a Yomiko Readman wallpaper: That should do the trick.

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OK, now, THIS is shameless pandering.

The concept of “unlockables” in games has been around since, oh, shortly after some bearded guy in California got the bright idea to simulate table tennis with a CRT and a handful of discrete logic ICs. As far as rewards … Continue reading

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I have not lost my way.

It has not escaped my attention that, with all the dungeon sieging and dooming and quaking and racing of late, I have become seriously at risk of losing my “pervy fanboy” credentials.  The occasional nekomimi-themed wallpaper doesn’t do much to … Continue reading

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Amazon’s wish list feature is an awfully handy thing. I don’t really use it for its intended purpose, though – I’m not pimping it around to friends and relatives as a “gosh, if you ever needed a gift idea”. What … Continue reading

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