It warms my heart.

Let’s see, where to begin…

Let’s start in December of 2006.  I drove up to Seattle to take my very first crack at the JLPT, and while I was there I met up with a friend and went to the Books Kinokuniya inside Seattle’s Uwajimaya.  It’s a pretty good Books Kinokuniya, by the way, much bigger than the fairly anemic one in Beaverton and possibly even better than the one I used to go to in Los Angeles.

Anyway, while I was there, I bought a Full Metal Alchemist calendar as a Christmas present for my wife, and I bought a couple of artbooks for me.

One of them was Etsu’s “Girls, Girls, Girls” artbook, cover reproduced below:

Etsu: "Girls, Girls, Girls" cover.

The title is Truth In Advertising, and since Truth is Beauty, this represents a Thing of Beauty.  Irrefutable logic, there.

It’s actually a (as such things go) fairly classy book, with no nudity.  Cute girls with glasses are well represented:

Some time later, I found a wallpaper that featured the cover image from “Girls, Girls, Girls”, but with the background text chopped out and replaced with a mansion (or maybe restaurant?) background.  Which made sense considering the whole maid thing, I suppose.  Anyway, I thought it looked a lot better that way.

I put it up on my desktop for the sole reason of making my wife roll her eyes when she walked by the computer, and I was actually a little disappointed when I DIDN’T get an eye roll, or even a sigh of resignation.  Apparently she’d become immune.

She did say that the girl on the left looked decidedly uncomfortable, and I have to admit that she has a point

I left it as my desktop wallpaper for a while, failed to elicit any eye rolls, and then changed it out, defeated.

Anyway, that’s not the point I meant to arrive at.  The point I DID mean to arrive at was that I ran into the same image when looking for a wallpaper recently and it was tagged “symmetrical docking”, which I thought was just the goofiest, and possibly greatest, descriptive term ever derived by man.

So I threw “symmetrical docking” at Google Image Search just to see what would come back, and it brought me to One Man’s Quest To Assemble Images Of Girls Standing Too Close Together.

It truly warms the heart to see devotion to a cause.

(Actually, he has a fair number of well-written articles on “serious” topics like analog synthesizers and astronomy mixed in with the cheesecake, so don’t get me wrong, it’s a neat blog, I just came to it down a sordid path.)

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2 Responses to It warms my heart.

  1. TheGeek says:

    Was trolling thru my log yesterday and came across your blog.

    Symmetrical Docking Fridays started out as a bit of a lark. A way to get a quick post up before the weekend. And hey who doesn’t like looking at a pretty girl or in this case two.

    Now with the changes in my work situation it is really the only that happens on my site with any real regularity.

    There is also they yearly Symmetrical Docking Friday Championship Tournament where readers get to pick their favorite Symmetrical Docking image from the past years posts. Oddly enough the picture that started out your post came in second in the First Annual Symmetrical Docking Friday Championship Tournament losing to another image by the same artist.

    Anyway just wanted to thank you for link and hope visit more in the future.


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