In which, I weep for my bank account

So, another September, another iPhone reveal.  This year, both an iPhone 8/8+ and an iPhone Executive Edition, neither of which I will buy as my 6s+ is still a ridiculously good phone.

Also a new Apple Watch which is slightly more tempting as it is actually a standalone product now instead of something serving as, basically, a remote terminal to the phone in your pocket.  Still probably will not buy it.

AND a new Apple TV, which itself is nothing too amazing but which comes with the promise of free upgrades to 4K for any HD movies I own through iTunes.

I have 101 iTunes movies.  Mostly from digital copy codes, some from Apple’s regular 4.99 movie sales, a handful bought at full price because they came out weeks before the physical version and I wanted to see it Right Now.  22 of them are SD movies, but that leaves 79 movies that are eligible for free upgrades to higher resolution.

I have been buying movies for far longer than it has really been a good idea – VHS tapes and laserdiscs in the early 90s, DVD as soon as it became available, Blu Ray as soon as it became evident that the HD format war had tipped completely in its favor – but this is the first time that a format bump is coming with free upgrades to the better version.

So… well, OK, Apple, nicely done.  I take back at least half the snarky things I have said about you recently, and it looks like I’ll be buying a new Apple TV.

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