How to tell if Limbo is the Game For You.


I realize that I’m a bit late to the party when it comes to Limbo.  I have a healthy mistrust of the entire “puzzle platform” genre after getting burned by Braid and neutered by Nyxquest.

OK, that’s enough attempted alliteration.

“Neutered”, seriously.  I can’t defend that.

Oh right, Limbo. It’s a game that you may or may not enjoy playing, so I have prepared a visual guide.

If this is you:


…then Limbo is NOT the game for you and you should not play it.

If, on the other hand, your childhood was something like THIS:


With maybe just a LITTLE bit of THIS:


…then Limbo IS the game for you and I recommend that you play it forthwith.

Of course, it’s been out for slightly over two years, so you’ve probably already done so.  Just in case you haven’t, and just in case my stunning pictorial guide, assembled with MINUTES of painstaking Google Image Search work, wasn’t enough to convince you, let me tell you about Limbo.

It’s a game where you murder a small boy over and over again.

…well, THAT sentence is going to come back to haunt me if I ever run for office.

It’s a game, to try to salvage this a bit, where you take charge of a young lad who must journey through a bleak monochrome world in a quest to… escape? find your lost sister? I’m not entirely certain, but you definitely don’t want most of the things that will happen to you to happen to you inasmuch as those things largely revolve around whirling blades and electric rails.

So if that appeals to you, well, first you should probably seek some sort of professional help and then you should play Limbo.  Those two things can be in either order.


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